We already have a tropical texture package featuring many images from Hawaii. However, in the coming weeks we’re adding some new free textures via our blog. Let us know if you have any specific textures requests :-).

Stay posted and have a very happy holiday season!


Here are some free textures to use with:

  • renderings
  • Photoshop
  • whatever other project you’re working on :-).

These are free textures for your downloading pleasure. We hope these textures will be helpful to you…

(to see the full size version: click the image, then wait for the page to load and click the photo again for the full size 12MP image)

PS if you need higher quality landscape textures with full alpha channel masks, checkout out commercial textures. This month’s featured texture pack is: Shrubs and Grasses Texture Pack Vol 1. Or checkout our best selling tree textures package.