Credit card security and safety is a top priority to many online shoppers. At NetRender we value our customers privacy and try to protect their data as much as possible.

We use a SSL certificate from GeoTrust and our credit card processing is done via, both of which are top companies in their respective industries. We also never store customer credit card information on our servers.

However, some of the non-critical content (mainly images) on our shopping cart pages has been served without SSL encryption. That meant that we weren’t getting the full gold “lock” displayed by internet explorer in the address bar, or the lock in the status bar of FireFox. Those icons signify a secure site.

Yesterday I improved our shopping cart code to make sure ALL content server on a https page was encrypted. Now we have a full secure “lock” displayed on all of our secure pages.

Though texture product pages can be viewed through a non-secure connection, once a customer is ready to checkout ALL credit card information submitted to our shopping cart is automatically encrypted.

We also now display the GeoTrust logo on our pages (here’s a sample Tree Texture Maps Page) and clicking on that logo will open a page where our customers can check the current status of our GeoTrust certificate.

I enjoy tweaking and improving our site, we are getting close to having all our “wish list” features implemented 🙂


New Sample Renderings

May 8, 2008

Today we received a wonderful new sample rendering from one our texture users. The primary textures used in the image are: some new (beta) palm trees textures and our tropicals (with palms) texture package.

We’re looking forward to adding more user submitted samples in the future 🙂