North American and European Tree Textures

March 27, 2008

Our most popular product is “Trees Vol 1”. This collection of high-res North American and European tree texture maps also includes alpha channels and transparency maps. These tree textures are meant to add a realistic and natural touch to architectural renderings or any 3D modeling project (video games, modeling, etc.)

The tree textures package features the highest resolution images in the industry. And all the tree images are in lossless TIFF format with integrated transparency maps, as well and a separate TIFF alpha channel (in case your application doesn’t support transparency in TIFF images).

This library currently contains 57 tree textures totaling 575MB, and 32MB in matching alpha channels. However, we routinely add new images until we reach 150-200 textures.

If you have a request for specific tree texture, please let us know!


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