Today we decreased the amount of time required for credit card authorization on our site.  Specifically, what was taking 30+ seconds before is now down to 14 seconds or less. This is a much needed improvement to our shopping cart.

We also posted our product satisfaction guarantee.

John also sent me some nice sample renderings that feature our textures. They will probably be posted later this week or next.

PS In March I’ll be visiting Mexico for more texture map reconnaissance. In May I’ll be headed to Europe. And finally in the summer it will be Colorado and California.


Tropical Plant Textures

January 17, 2008

I am currently in Hawaii taking photos for our new Tropical Textures Pack Volume I.

The weather here has been good for plant photography, if a bit too sunny (overcast days would provide less harsh lighting). To compensate, I’ve been trying to take images in the morning/evening and anytime it is cloudy.

So far there are about 50-60keepers from the trip so far. I hope to get another 10-25 before I leave on th 19th.